Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cannes Looking Up

Some news out of Cannes, for you all. I'm not in a position to get to attend, but I hope to someday! For now I'll have to just link ya to all the buzz. Enjoy!

The festival starts tonight, so not much news yet. Refresh your memory on the line-up here.

"Up" is the first animated film and the first film in 3-D ever to open the festival, and people are in L.O.V.E. with it. Take a moment to read some of the raving reviews!

Roger Ebert compliments the film (and rags on the use of 3-D in cinema) at his blog.
Todd McCarthy's review at Variety.
The Hollywood Reporter's take.
USAToday reports Pixarians feelings on their film being chosen as the Cannes opener.
Another glowing response, this one from the Chicago Tribune.


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