Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Avatar Teaser Has Landed

I've been trying very hard to pretend that I am above all the Avatar hype. Nevertheless, I found my heart racing as I watched the first teaser, which you can find here. Apple is having issues with its version, so for now we'll have to deal with the French title cards.

(UPDATE: Apple has apparently fixed the problem. The U.S. version is now up and running.)

The Na'vi look less realistic than I was expecting, which I assume I'll get used to, but the rest of the visuals are stunning. Quite frankly, I'm a little underwhelmed. This is James Cameron we're talking about though, so I'm still fully expecting some great entertainment.

"Avatar Day" is tomorrow, so if for some reason you're interested in watching a mish-mash of footage from the film instead of waiting for the real thing to be released in December, hurry to the film's official site and get your tickets. I for one will be sitting that one out.