Tuesday, August 18, 2009

District 9 Links

District 9 is stirring up quite a bit of conversation and controversy. I won't have a chance to see it until this Saturday, so I'm trying to avoid reading anything that smells of spoilers. Until then, here's what a few people have been saying so far.

Sci-fi website io9.com talks about the similarities between District 9 and Moon, another well-reviewed science fiction film from earlier this year.

Cinematical's Todd Gilchrist has an interesting interview with the film's director, Neill Blomkamp.

Screen Rant reviews District 9, declaring it an instant sci-fi classic.

Tom O'Neil over at the Los Angeles Times wonders what the reactions to District 9 at an Academy screening mean for its Oscar chances.

The film's nifty official site.

MTV has the news that the filmmakers are already discussing a sequel. District 10?

The Associated Press reports on District 9's opening weekend earnings.

A South African newspaper is not pleased with the implications of the film's setting.

MSNBC takes a stab at identifying some of the films that inspired District 9's plot and tone.


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