Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oscar Trivia #1

Only twice in the 81-year history of the Academy Awards has a pair of actors been nominated for playing the same character in the same film in different stages of his or her life. Both times, Kate Winslet played the younger half of the roles.

First in the 1997 hit Titanic, Winslet earned a Best Actress nomination as Rose DeWitt Bukater, a 17-year-old passenger on the famous doomed ship. Gloria Stuart was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, playing a much older Rose telling her story decades later. Neither woman won her category that year.

In 2001 Kate played writer Iris Murdoch in flashbacks, while Judi Dench played the aging Murdoch, suffering from dementia, in the acclaimed film Iris. Winslet got a Supporting Actress nomination, while Dench went lead. Again, neither actress took Oscar home.


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