Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Recommendation

If you haven't yet seen the wonderful Spanish horror flick, The Orphanage, please go out and adopt it buy it on blu-ray right now and give it a home a watch. It's one of my favorite movies, with an ending more terrible than any ghost story you've ever seen or heard before.

I'm usually not a fan of horror films, but seeing Guillermo del Toro's name listed as a producer I went ahead and gave this a try (with my boyfriend nearby, since I'm a huge chicken). It was beyond worth it, and star Belen Rueda is quite an astonishing actress.

I haven't heard what director J.A. Bayona has been up to since, but I'll be reporting on it for sure as soon as news comes my way.

P.S. There's an American remake of The Orphanage in the works, but no way will I be discussing it unless returning producer del Toro gets some major talent involved.


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