Monday, August 31, 2009

Too Funny

Remember that video interview I posted with Penelope Cruz a couple of weeks ago? Sure you do. Remember when she said:

"I think everybody has a little breakdown after the Oscars. I had mine...After the ceremony, I, I had this need to go to...just eat cheeseburgers after the ceremony. I, I, in the gown and the whole thing you just have the, the need to do something that is completely the opposite, you know, kind of...event. We went to In-and-Out in the dress and in the drive-thru."

I thought that was such an awesome thing for her to admit, but apparently she is not the only woman who has felt that way after attending the Academy Awards.
Shortly after I posted that video I found this picture of Hilary Swank after her 2004 win for Million Dollar Baby, chowing down on a cheeseburger. She's still in the dress and everything! Amazing.


The Kid In The Front Row said...

haha, that's interesting. i'm doing it the other way round. i figure, if i eat enough cheeseburgers, maybe i'll win an oscar?

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