Sunday, August 16, 2009

Too Good For Her Own Good

Nathaniel Rogers over at the Film Experience Blog had a fun little post up the other day. He asked people which actor or actress they'd like to see play against type, and there were plenty of interesting responses. My first thought was Amy Adams, who, while wonderfully entertaining in almost everything she's done so far, has never proved she can play anyone even remotely dark.

Adams has been wowing us with charming, innocent characters for years now. But her career choices are starting to seem a little one-note. It's time she shook things up a bit. How impressive and fun would it be to see her do a complete about-face and play a truly horrible person? I for one would be thrilled to know whether or not she has it in her.

She needs the kind of role that Tilda Swinton often takes, like Karen Crowder in Michael Clayton or the title character in her recent Julia, for example. Playing a part that everyone loves to hate can work wonders for your career. Just ask the recent string of Oscar-winning baddies: Forrest Whitaker, Daniel Day-Lewis, Javier Bardem, Tilda, and the late Heath Ledger.

Are you listening, Amy? Just do it already! Play a drug addict, or a neglectful mother, or a slut, or all three at once! I promise America will still love you afterwards.

If you have a moment, head on over to The Film Experience and chime in. And let's keep rooting for Amy Adams. I know she's got some tricks up her sleeve.


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