Friday, August 28, 2009

Trailer For Agora

Here's a trailer for the new Alejandro Amenabar film, Agora, starring Rachel Weisz. Agora is the story of Hypatia of Alexandria during the uprising of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Hypatia was the first female mathematician of note, a philosopher and an astronomer.

Amenabar also directed one of my favorite ghost stories, The Others, and the Spanish film The Sea Inside, starring Javier Bardem. That film won the Venice Film Festival and the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film back in 2004.

This trailer doesn't really engage me much, even though I love Rachel Weisz and films that explore this era. Agora screened at Cannes last May and didn't exactly inspire much praise, but it could be one to watch for some awards consideration. As of yet, the film hasn't secured a distributor, but the costumes and sets are beautiful, at least.


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