Monday, August 24, 2009

Trucker Buzz

I've just caught wind of a small film called Trucker, which has been making the rounds on the festival circuit this year. It stars Michelle Monaghan as Diane, a loose and carefree truck driver who indulges in one-night stands and drinking binges until her estranged young son is dropped at her doorstep.

Monaghan's performance has garnered praise from most everyone who has caught the film so far, and some are speculating that this could be an awards caliber performance from the actress, whose former credits include Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Gone Baby Gone, and North Country. Writer-director James Motttern cites her performance in the latter as the reason he cast her in Trucker.

“I tried to make Trucker for a few years. One problem I was always faced with was finding a lead actress that really spoke to me on a gut level. I looked for a long time. Then I saw Michelle Monaghan in a movie called North Country. Her performance in that film is outstanding. But there’s this one scene where the character she plays is
standing outside her trailer saying good bye to Charlize Theron’s character and
the camera holds on Michelle for a beat, not saying a word; I saw that and it hit me like a freight train - 'There she is. Diane.'”

Looks like we have another one to keep an eye on. Here's the trailer for Trucker, which is scheduled for release on October 9th.


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