Thursday, September 17, 2009


Screenplay by Christopher Hampton (based on his play)
Directed by Stephen Frears

Glenn Close
John Malkovich
Michelle Pfeiffer
Uma Thurman
Swoosie Kurtz

Premiere date: December 16, 1988

In order to get revenge on a man who jilted her, the wicked Marquise de Merteuil persuades a former lover, the rakish Vicomte de Valmont, to deflower the man's virginal young fiancee. Valmont agrees, but presents the Marquise with his own challenge: if he succeeds in seducing a virtuous young wife known for her unshakable fidelity, Madame de Tourvel, the Marquise must grant Valmont a night in bed. The cold-blooded twosome proceed gleefully with their heartless scheme against the stunning backdrop of aristocratic France, displaying high stakes sexual gamesmanship and deceitful cunning. When the Valmont succeeds in seducing the virtuous Madame de Tourvel, the pair unexpectantly realize they have fallen in love, tragically defying the rules of the inhuman game, much to the horror of the cruel Marquise de Merteuil.

7 Academy Award Nominations, 3 Wins
Best Picture
Best Actress - Glenn Close
Best Supporting Actress - Michelle Pfeiffer
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design
Best Original Score


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