Monday, September 28, 2009


Based on the stage play by Frederick Knott
Screenplay by Frederick Knott
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Ray Milland
Grace Kelly
Robert Cummings
John Williams

Premiere date: May 28, 1954

Margot Wendice is a wealthy heiress whose playboy husband, Tony, recognizes his dependence on his wife's fortune. When Tony begins to suspect he is losing Margot's affection to writer Mark Halliday, he also begins to fear he will lose her wealth. This leads the callous husband to craft a plan for his wife's death. When the plan goes awry, Tony is quick to turn circumstance into a second opportunity to destroy his wife, but will he get away with it?

National Board of Review
Best Actress - Grace Kelly (also for The Country Girl and Rear Window)
Best Supporting Actor - John Williams (also for Sabrina)


Ellen said...

For me this isn't top-tier Hitchcock, but it's still enjoyable, like all of his films.

(Except Torn Curtain, which I hated. Paul Newman + Julie Andrews + Hitchcock. Why wasn't it better?)

Alex in Movieland said...

I have actually seen this AFTER the Gwyneth & Michael 1998 thing. obviously this one was better. not a classic, but fun. and what a title, right?...

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