Monday, September 14, 2009

Robert Duvall Enters the Fray

It looks like we have a new name to add to the Best Actor race, ladies and gentleman.

Robert Duvall's performance in Get Low, another Toronto debut getting loads of good buzz, is now considered a major player in this year's award's race.

Duvall last made waves in Toronto back in 1997 with his knockout lead turn in The Apostle, a film which he also wrote and directed. He earned his fifth of six Academy Award nominations for that role. His only win was in 1983 for the film Tender Mercies.

This time around Duvall plays a Tennessee hermit named Felix Bush, who plans his own funeral to be held while he's still living.

The film has apparently been met with standing ovations after screenings at the fest, with most of the praise heaped on Duvall.

From John Foote at InContention:
"As I interviewed Duvall in the Park Hyatt Hotel, there was a distribution deal taking place downstairs so there is a very good chance the film will be seen this fall. If so, the landscape of the Best Actor race has just changed. I think Duvall has to be considered the frontrunner for this miraculous performance. Again, the man proves he is perhaps our greatest actor."
Sounds like Duvall is a lock. He'll be competing with the likes of George Clooney, Matt Damon, Daniel Day-Lewis, Viggo Mortensen, and Morgan Freeman this season. Can you hear them yet? "It's such an honor just to see my name on the same list as Robert Duvall." Good luck to one of the greats.


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