Friday, September 25, 2009


Screenplay by Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux, and Etan Cohen
Directed by Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller
Jack Black
Robert Downey, Jr.
Jay Baruchel
Brandon T. Jackson

Premiere date: August 13, 2008
R for pervasive language including sexual references, violent content and drug material.

Desperate director Damien Cockburn, trying to make a Vietnam war movie, drops his pampered actors into the heart of the jungle. Cockburn's stars include Tug Speedman, an action hero who's starting to make bad career choices, Jeff Portnoy, an insecure low-brow comedy star going through heroin withdrawals, and Kirk Lazarus, an Australian Oscar winner so lost in his "craft" he underwent a procedure to become black for his role. In the jungle, they remain under the delusion that they are still being filmed even after they encounter a dangerous gang of druglords.

1 Academy Award Nomination
Best Supporting Actor - Robert Downey, Jr.


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