Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best Supporting Actor Contenders

I have to be missing someone, right? I know it's a slow year for supporting men, but is this it? Really?


Univarn said...

I've heard of some buzz for James McAvoy/Paul Giamatti in The Last Station. Some for Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones, Tobey Maguire in Brothers. Though I think this years going to be a heavy film kind of year. Out of curiosity which one is the picture 4th from the top? I don't recognize that one :o

Rae Kasey said...

That's Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones. I know his hand is over his face, but it's the best I could find!

I've heard about McAvoy and Maguire too but couldn't find pictures. I'd love McAvoy to get in since I really think in a less crowded year he would have been in for Atonement.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Who's the half naked guy? Him I don't know. Supporting Actor is always slow until someone sneaks up on us...but ditto for James McAvoy in The Last Station...I hope that lasts...and maybe Tree of Life could pick up some traction and get somewhere.

Rae Kasey said...

I guess I need to put captions on these in the future. Sorry guys!

@Andrew: That's Richard Kind in A Serious Man. But it seems most people are thinking Picture and Screenplay for the Coens' latest.

Right now I'd say Waltz is the best bet. He for sure gets a nomination and right now is looking the most likely winner. We have months ahead of us, though, I guess!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I don't want Waltz to win...not because I don't like IB [which I don't] and not because he isn't good [he is] I'd really love to see Alfred Molina get some love...although I don't see a nod, McAvoy as I mentioned before and perhaps Paul Schneider although the Scottish Accent is killing me in the trailer.

Ellen said...

I'm liking Stanley Tucci this year. If The Lovely Bones turns out to be the behemoth people are expecting he'll definitely be in, and his chances are helped by his stellar turn in Julie & Julia.

I think Waltz is the only lock so far, though.

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