Friday, October 9, 2009

I Heart Pixar

I have a Pixar Pez dispenser collection. What a nerd, right? Well, I also have a Mike Wazowski antennae topper, a giant plush Nemo, and an Incredibles phone that really works. I might as well tell you all, when it comes to animation, I am a HUGE Pixar fangirl, and probably a little biased when it comes to picking a Best Animated Feature winner every year. Up has my heart, and I'd love to see Pete Docter take the Oscar that should have been his in 2001 for Monsters, Inc. Here's hoping.


Univarn said...

I like Pixar, I think they tend to win lots of Oscars due to weak quality competition. I'm definitely no where near that big of a fan though :). I think the other films nominated will say a whole lot about Ups chances.

Tim De Boer said...

I loved Up, however WALL-E is still my favorite Pixar film. I'm looking forward to what they have coming after Toy Story 3.

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