Saturday, October 31, 2009


Written and directed by Brad Bird

Craig T. Nelson
Holly Hunter
Sarah Vowell
Samuel L. Jackson
Jason Lee

Premiere date: November 5, 2004
PG for action violence.

It takes a will of steel to hide your superhero talents from a world that still needs you, yet no longer appreciates what you can do. Battling a bulging belly and boring job, Mr. Incredible longs for the glory days of upholding law and order while his superhuman family tries to fit in and find their place in "normal" life. Relief from quiet suburbia finally comes years later, when the family uncovers a diabolical plan and must bring together their respective strengths to save the day.

National Board of Review
Best Animated Feature

4 Academy Award Nominations, 2 Wins
Best Animated Feature
Best Original Screenplay
Best Sound Editing
Best Sound Mixing


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