Monday, October 12, 2009


Directed by Seth Gordon

Premiere date: August 17, 2007
PG-13 for a brief sexual reference.

The King of Kong follows the exploits of the two best Donkey Kong players in America. Billy Mitchell has held the world record for the popular video game for over 20 years. The film covers his rise to prominence, and the circle of associates he keeps in the Twin Galaxies organization, which serves as the official referee and scorekeeper of the electronic gaming world. Within the organization, Mitchell is highly revered for his prowess at a number of games. Eventually Steve Wiebe, with time on his hands now that he finds himself without a job, decides to seriously hunker down and challenge Mitchell's record. Gordon gets close to both men, and shows how the passionate arcade subculture harbors very powerful feelings about both of them.


The Mad Hatter said...

One of the best docs I've ever seen, and one of the best underdog stories ever.

I'm curious what you thought of the movie. Next time write a little bit more and share with us your impressions!

Rae Kasey said...

The film profiles are strictly for informative purposes, for people who haven't seen the films yet. As well as a little bit of a discussion opportunity for those who have.

But you're right. I definitely don't share my thoughts often enough. I'll work on that. :)

The Mad Hatter said...

Sorry 'bout that, didn't mean to seem like a know-it-all, especially since I'm still new to reading your space.

That said, I do quite like the post you did where you jotted down a thought or two. Very good feedback, and very much to-the-point. Pretty impressive, since many (like me), find it hard to limit reactions to just a sentence or two.

Good work and keep the good stuff comin'!

Rae Kasey said...

Thank you. And no need to apologize. Constructive criticism is welcome and needed. :)

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