Monday, October 26, 2009


Written and directed by Bill Condon

Liam Neeson
Laura Linney
Peter Sarsgaard
Chris O'Donnell

Premiere date: November 12, 2004
R for pervasive sexual content, including some graphic images and descriptions.

Alfred Kinsey was an entomologist who taught at Indiana University and had a keen interest in an area of human behavior that had seen little scholarly research: human sexuality. Kinsey began an exhaustive series of interviews with a wide variety of people from all walks of life in order to find out the truth about sex practices in America. When he published Sexual Behavior and the Human Male in 1948, his findings were wildly controversial, indicating that most men had a wider variety of sexual experiences than most people imagined, including a number of practices commonly thought to be dangerous or perverted (including pre-marital sex, same-sex contacts, and masturbation). An even greater outcry greeted Kinsey's next volume, Sexual Behavior and the Human Female, which contradicted common notions than most women went into marriage sexually inexperienced.

National Board of Review
Best Supporting Actress - Laura Linney
1 Academy Award Nomination
Best Supporting Actress - Laura Linney


Univarn said...

I think Neeson should have gotten an Oscar nomination for this, but it is a film that would inspire a lot mixed opinions content wise. Kinsey was groundbreaking, the movie wasn't quite as groundbreaking but I loved Linney and Neeson in it, and would watch it again.

Rae Kasey said...

I saw this for the first time today and think it's one of the better biopics of the decade. Neeson, Linney and Sarsgaard were all award-worthy for my money.

The Mad Hatter said...

Great choice- one of the more underrated films of the decade! For me, much of the movie comes down to Peter Sarsgaard's performance...he seems to lean back and forth between innocent and enticing at will.

Great choice of movie to reccomend!

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