Thursday, October 22, 2009


Written and directed by Adam Elliot
Toni Collette
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Barry Humphries
Eric Bana
Premiere date: January 15, 2009 (Sundance Film Festival)
Mary and Max is a simple tale of pen-friendship between two very different people: Mary Dinkle, a chubby, lonely eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max Horovitz, a 44-year-old, severely obese, Jewish man with Asperger's Syndrome living in the chaos of New York. Spanning twenty years and two continents, Mary and Max's friendship survives much more than the average diet of life's ups and downs.


Alice said...

Loved this quirky claymation sensation! I was fortunate to review it ahead of it's DVD release yesterday in Australia - patriotic bias aside, I can't recommend this film enough.

Rae Kasey said...

I caught it yesterday and loved it too! I'm a HUGE fan of animation, so I hope this one catches on over here.

It sucks that movies like Ice Age 3 are more successful than gems like this.

DEZMOND said...

Collette and Bana, I'm in :)

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