Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poll: What's the best Clint Eastwood film of the decade?

With the Invictus trailer finally hitting the web yesterday, a lot of discussion has been going on about Eastwood and his latest film. Since we've got over a month until we'll have a chance to catch Invictus in theaters, let's talk about the Eastwood efforts we have seen this decade. Which is his best? Tell me why in the comments section.

(POLL RESULTS: Last week we talked about the films that would have been in the Best Picture race had there been 10 spots last year. Voters picked 5 out of 16 films listed. The Dark Knight, Doubt, The Wrestler, WALL-E and Revolutionary Road were the top titles, so I guess those are the movies most think would fill out the race. Thanks again for voting!)


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