Monday, October 12, 2009


Screenplay by Stanley Weiser and Oliver Stone
Directed by Oliver Stone

Michael Douglas
Charlie Sheen
Daryl Hannah
Hal Holbrook
John C. McGinley

Premiere date: December 11, 1987

Enterprising stockbroker Bud Fox falls under the enticing spell of Gordon Gekko, an unabashedly greedy Wall Street arbitrageur. Gekko takes Fox under his wing, tutoring his charge in the unscrupulous tactics that put the corporate raider on top. But when Gekko embroils his protégé in an insider-trading scheme that may risk the jobs of kith and kin, Fox develops a conscience and decides to turn the tables.

National Board of Review
Best Actor - Michael Douglas
1 Academy Award Nomination, 1 Win
Best Actor - Michael Douglas


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