Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Up In The Air Poster Arrives

As a huge fan of both Thank You For Smoking and Juno, I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Jason Reitman's third feature film, Up in the Air, since it was announced last summer. Based on the novel of the same name by Walter Kirn, the story involves a corporate man named Ryan Bingham who avoids personal connections by traveling for his job. His main goal to amass one million frequent flyer miles is put in jeapordy when his company decides to cut its travel budget. Making matters even more complicated is his sudden romantic interest in a fellow compulsive traveler.

George Clooney takes on the lead role with Vera Farmiga (The Departed) playing his love interest. The film has been earning raves out of test screenings, and there's a lot of awards talk for Clooney and Reitman, as well as a decent shot at one of those 10 Best Picture slots.

Today we have the official poster for the film, which will premiere at TIFF in September and is probably headed for a December release. The trailer will no doubt find its way online in the next couple of weeks, so check back for that soon.

NOTE: A large portion of the film was shot in my hometown of St. Louis, and Clooney's presence inspired a frenzy the likes of which I have never seen. Visiting Presidents garner a small amount of interest, but when Clooney comes to town people take off work to drive around the airport in the hopes of glimpsing him, and local radio stations report "Clooney Sightings" on an hourly basis. The man truly is a movie star.


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