Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whatever Happened To Winona Ryder?

I haven't seen Winona Ryder in anything since she played Adam Sandler's love interest in the awful Mr. Deeds back in 2002. I know she's been working here and there since that, but she hasn't headlined anything worthy of her talent in a long time. Girl, Interrupted was the last knockout lead performance I saw from her.

What's the explanation for this? Is everyone still angry about that whole shoplifting incident? Why do we care? God knows there are plenty of actors who have done a lot worse. If nude picture scandals and drunk driving can't kill a career these days, it seems a little unfair that Winona, one of the greatest actresses of the 1990s, has one misstep and never gets an A-list role again.

For goodness' sake people! This is a two-time Oscar nominee who's only 37 years old. She's got plenty left to show us, I'm sure of it. Maybe Winona is getting plenty of offers and only taking the parts she wants. If that's the case, fine. But if it's not, I think it's high time someone gives her a new challenge.


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