Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Based on the story "The Unsuspecting Wife" by Peter Stone and Mark Behm
Screenplay by Peter Stone
Directed by Stanley Donen

Cary Grant
Audrey Hepburn
Walter Matthau
James Coburn

Premiere date: December 5, 1963

Lovely Reggie is determined to divorce her wealthy, cold, and closed-mouthed husband, but someone throws him from a train before she gets the chance. Left penniless in Paris with police suspicion resting heavily upon her, Reggie soon realizes she's in serious trouble - her husband stole money from three unscrupulous men, and they want it back. Charming and amusing Peter Joshua comes to Reggie's aid, but he too has secrets and hidden loyalties. With the bodies piling up and the money nowhere to be found, Grant and Hepburn dash through Paris toward the startling solution.

1 Academy Award Nomination
Best Original Song - "Charade"


Univarn said...

I love this movie, great fun all around.

Ellen said...

I can't watch Cary Grant in anything without thinking of Tony Curtis's dead-on impersonation of his voice in Some Like It Hot. :)

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