Thursday, October 8, 2009

Michelle Monaghan's Money Quote


When Monterey Media starts running FYC ads in Variety for Michelle Monaghan's performance in Trucker, a small film in which she plays a tough truck driver forced to take care of her estranged young son, they've got a great quote to put at the top of the page.
Head on over to Roger Ebert's site to read the full, 4-star review of the film, in which he heavily praises Monaghan's performance:xxx
"Monaghan makes Diane more sad than off-putting. She isn't a caricature. She works hard, values her independence, is making payments on her small suburban home on an unpaved street, is living up to her bargain with herself. The movie spares us any scenes where she's "one of the guys." It opens after a one-night stand with a guy who tries to be nice, but she doesn't need a nice guy in her life. Nor does she need to be nice with Peter, but one thing she does do: She's always honest with him and speaks with him directly, and I think he knows that. Her performance clearly deserves an Oscar nomination. "


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