Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poll: Which Batman Baddie Would You Like to See in Batman 3?

I've got Batman on the brain today, for some reason. So the question this week is which villain you'd like to see Batman go head-to-head with in the next film? Obviously I can't include them all, so here are some of the most talked about. If there's a lesser known one you'd be excited to see, select 'Other' and explain in the comments section!

(POLL RESULTS: Last week we talked about which Pixar movie we'd most like to see get a 3D theatrical re-release, and WALL-E cleaned up the competition (pun entirely intentional) with 50% of the vote. Finding Nemo came in second with 28%, The Incredibles took 14% and Monsters, Inc. 7%. A Bug's Life, Cars, and Ratatouille didn't get a single vote, so I hope we're all happy catching those at home.)

Thanks everyone for your votes! The new poll is up now so get clicking!


Univarn said...

Personally I think Black Mask would be an awesome villain. Penguin, Poison Ivy, Clayface etc. I think they're all too cheesy and unrealistic. But Black Mask has a solid combination of cool, realism, and moral stand that I think has made the first two films work so well. I think they'll throw in Catwoman though, no clue otherwise.

The Mad Hatter said...

I'd really like to see Deadshot, but I think he's too peripheral a villain to make it to the script.

Still, I think there's a great movie in-the-waiting when one thinks about a sniper with a death wish.

Rae Kasey said...

Yeah, I don't think villains in the genetically-altered vein really have a place in Nolan's franchise.

I always thought Fox's remark in The Dark Knight about how the new Batsuit would do fine against cats was a bit of foreshadowing, and personally I'd love to see Marion Cotillard don the catsuit, but who knows?

Nolan's done such a bang-up job so far that I'm not too concerned, to be honest.

Tim De Boer said...

I'd love to see Bane or Killer Croc, but I think you're right Rae, they just wouldn't fit in. As for Deadshot, that would be really cool! Who knows, maybe Nolan will put him in one. I personally would love to see Harley Quinn, but would she be able to be done without the Joker there to guid her along? It'd be interesting to see if he could pull it off.

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